• Dr. Herpy

Senior Year!

Senior year, your final moments of high school, is a time to have fun, find yourself, prepare for the future, and create lifelong relationships and memories you’ll never forget. To some people, it is the best time of their lives yet for others it is filled with stressful events and situations. After interviewing a few Kenston High School 2019 seniors, they’ve provided useful advice and their opinions on how their year is going so far.
Question: How is your senior year going so far?

Corrine Karbler: “5/10, hoping to get better when it comes closer to graduation and it hits me that I’m a senior.”
Hunter Gibson: “It’s just going. It’s a constant fight to keep grades up but you have more freedom than ever.”
Eymani Middleton: “Great, I wish I met some of the amazing friends I made this year sooner or hung out with them but I just hope my grades stay on top and I continue to laugh and have fun!”
Evan Iliev: “I’m having a blast this year! My classes are enjoyable and the soccer season was super fun.”
Sabrina Vaughan: “7/10, trying to stay out of drama because people are crazy but overall I’m having a lot fun and making a lot of memories.”
Rachel Braun: “Never miss school and make sure you actually focus because if you don’t you’ll fail. Also try to take hard classes freshman and sophomore year so you can take easier ones junior and senior. Don’t worry about drama because after you graduate everyone will forget about you.”