• Dr. Herpy

Winter Cheerleaders Excited To Start The Season!

To begin this year’s season of basketball, a select number of excited, prepared, and skillful cheerleaders will be taking the court. Using their amazing skills, this year’s Kenston Bomber Cheerleaders will be sure to pull out their inner spirit, and get the Bomber fans riled up. After interviewing the talented Miss Teeny Hill, I’ve discovered what she’s most excited to accomplish and bring to this year’s season of cheer! When I asked the four year Kenston basketball cheerleader what shes most excited about for this season, she said, “I’m really excited to be back in the gym cheering on the Bombers, and getting all the fans in the crowd involved and pumped up.” Then I questioned, what skills are you planning to bring to the team, she said, “I hope to bring good leadership, always try my hardest, and stay dedicated to doing my best 24/7.” Hoping for an intense and exhilarating season, I believe with the squads driven cheerleaders they will create a positive environment for family, fans, and the boys Kenston basketball players.