• Dr. Herpy

Amazon’s Most Interesting Finds

March 31, 2020

Yodeling Pickle

This yodeling pickle is the perfect gift for anyone who has everything but a yodeling pickle. Includes hours of entertainment. You can find it here!pickle

March 30, 2020

Nintendo Switch

This fun electronic is the perfect thing to do with your family while in quarantine. It has so many games like Mario Cart and Animal Crossing and will fix your boredom. You can find it here!nintendo switch

March 12, 2020

Dog Pull Toy

This awesome dog pull toy is the perfect fix if you are very busy and your dog is very athletic. it is a suction cup rope that goes on the floor and gives the dog the illusion of playing tug of war. it also is a teeth cleaner and you can put food in it. You can find it here!dog toy

March 11, 2020

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is slowly going out of stock because of COVID-19, and people need to stay safe. Stock up as much as possible. You can find it here!hand sanitizer

March 10, 2020

Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes 

These scratch off notes could be used for many things. They could be used to organize things in a decorative way, as a fun way to write notes to friends, or maybe as placement cards for a party or something. Or even just something to draw on.  You can find it here!


March 9, 2020

Fish Hotel

This unique mini fish aquarium is a hotel for your fish! You can also stack multiple Fish Hotels for a tall condo apartment-like appearance. The ABS plastic facade and asymmetrical windows surround the glass bowl make it very easy to clean. Buy it now to make all your fish feel special!  You can find it here!


March 6, 2020

Dad Jokes Book

This is a book full of dad jokes. If you are ever in a bad mood or you see someone in a bad mood you could read a couple of jokes from this book. Or maybe you want to gift it to someone who you think needs it. You can find it here!


March 4, 2020

Bubble Waffle Maker

This is not an ordinary waffle maker as you may think. This affordable waffle maker is perfect for fluffy waffles. You can find it here!waffle maker



March 2, 2020

Toilet Bowl Night Light

This 16 color motion sensor led light is a great gift for anyone who wants to add a little something to their bathroom, You can find it here!led light toilet



February 26, 2020

Mini Jenga

This item is a mini Jenga game. This is nice because you can take it anywhere and just play when ever you want. Also the game won’t take so long to set up because there are not as many pieces. You can find it here!



February 25, 2020

Bob Ross Bobblehead With Sound

This item is for those Bob Ross lovers. This isn’t just a normal boring booblehead, this Bob Ross bobblehead plays 10 different wise sayings from him. And one more thing this kit comes with a mini easel book that includes 30 of his landscape works. You can find it here!



February 21, 2020

Desktop Tetherball

Do you ever get board siting at your desk at work, school, or at home? Then I think you need this item. This is a mini tetherball. If you are at school then you can play this with a friend that is sitting near you. If you’re at home or work then I guess you can play by yourself but that’s not any fun. You can find it here!



February 20, 2020

Worlds Smallest Smartphone

This 2.4 inch mini smartphone is the perfect gift for kids or anyone else. It is a working phone and you can browse the internet anytime. its works like an android and you can get any apps! You can find it here!mini phone



February 13, 2020

Hand Carved Eyeglass Holder

This handcarved glasses holder shaped like a horse is the perfect office desk decoration. If you ever have trouble finding your glasses, this is perfect for you. You can find it here!horse shaped glasses holder



February 10, 2020

Pinkfong Baby Shark Fingerlings

This is amazing item will help you take the baby shark song to the next level. Now you don’t just have to listen to the song, you can have a toy that responds to sound, touch, motion and also has super cute baby shark expressions. You can find it here!




February 6, 2020

Animal Paws Socks

These awesome socks are ones that features realistic animal printing all round. These socks will make your feet look like animal paws, very funny and fashionable. You can find it here!

February 5, 2020socks

Danny Devito Pillow Case

This item is a Danny Devito pillow case! If you rub your hand across the pillow it even changes colors! For a small price of only 10 dollars! Who wouldn’t want to sleep on Danny devito’s face!? You can find it here!danny devito pillow

February 4, 2020

Cartoon Cat Phone Holder

Have you ever had trouble keeping your phone propped up for watching movies or facetiming a friend? This awesome suction cup is the perfect to-go tool to make your life easier. it also has cute cats on it with many color options. You can find it here!

cat stand

January 31, 2020

The Mamba Mentality: How I Play

This autobiography written by Kobe Bryant, is his personal perspective of his life and career on the basketball court and his insightful style of playing the game. RIP to a legend. You can find it here!The Mamba Mentality: How I Play


January 29, 2020

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

I’m sure you guys have seen one of these things at a car dealership or any other special event. Wouldn’t it be cool to have on on your desk or table at your home? The very first of its kind, this miniature Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy is the perfect desktop companion, or hilarious gift! The best part is, it’s on sale for only $7.77! You can find it here!


January 28, 2020

Toilet Golf Potty Time Putter Bathroom Game

This item is if you are ever bored while using the bathroom. This item includes its own putting green, cup with flag, two golf balls, putter and a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger. This item is perfect for golfers, and offers extra practice time with every trip to the bathroom for a small price of only $9.99! You can find it here!


January 27, 2020

Unicorn Double Taco Holder

This item is for the people who love unicorns. This not only holds TWO tacos but it can hold your waffles, burritos, and toast. You can find it here!

Unicorn Double Taco Holder




January 23, 2020

Funko Pop! Icons: Guy Fieri

This is a very cool collectible of the one and only Guy Fieri. You may know him from Drivers Dine ins and Dives, or Guys Grocery Games.

Funko Pop! Icons: Guy FieriHe is also holding a cheeseburger and very stylish sunglasses. You can find it here!



September 12, 2019:

The Beast Inc Giant Fist Drink Kooler

The Beast Inc Giant Fist Drink KoolerThis is a Hulk drink holder that keeps your soda cold.  It also gives you something to grip while your drinking.  This drink holder comes in multiple colors including beige, blue, green, and red.  You can find it here!


September 5, 2019:

Shed Defender

Shed DefenderThis Item is a type of dog onesie that reduces shedding of dog hair.  This keeps any dog hair that sheds off the dog inside the onesie.  This doesn’t stop the dog from shedding but keeps any loose hair inside the onesie.  This dog suit comes in a variety of colors including blue, pink, purple, red, and black.  The sizes range from mini to XXL.  You can find it here!


September 4, 2019:

Mini Golf MugKikkerland Putter Cup Golf Mug

As shown, this isn’t any ordinary mug.  This mug contains a hole at it’s base to practice mini golf at your desk.  It also features a golf club which doubles as a pen.  A small golf ball is also included.  This mini golf mug currently has a 3.9 star rating.  You can find it here for 9.99!