• Dr. Herpy

4-H Page

This page is for all the 4-H’s that go to Kenston High School and this page by a fellow 4-H and my name is Logan Goodrich. I show lambs or sheep like everyone knows them as. I have been in 4-H for 7 years now. I have gotten Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion. I also show English Lop rabbits and this year will be my second year showing rabbits. And this year I will get it again and this year I am going to the Ohio State Fair to show my lambs and this will be my first year going and showing there and I am very excited to do that. I hope that the fellow 4-H’s will come and see me and tell me what they do and how long they have been showing. You can find me at Lower C wing and at locker number C569.

So now the 4-H season is starting and for the Geauga County Fair we have QA. QA stands for Quality Assurance and they go over what it means for your animals to have fresh water. We also go over good nutrition and we go over what is good and bad around our animals cage. The QA is on May 4th of 2019 and it starts at 8 o’clock.