• Dr. Herpy

Your Life, Your Choice

On Tuesday, April 30th, the senior class took a trip to Parkside Church, along with many other seniors from many other schools, and participated in “Your Life your Choice”. Your life Your Choice was put together to inform seniors, with their lives ahead of them as they graduate, that your responsible for your actions.

I interviewed Camryn Lutz

What did you think?

“It was very heavy, serious and spoke to many people. There were multiple speakers each hitting a different topic and each of them touched the hearts of everyone there. I believe that many people were shown a different side of reality. Coming face to face with people who are in prison, and have killed someone through their decisions, was life changing.”

Do you think that Kenston should keep doing this?

“Yes. Kenston should continue with this program. Even if the message only stops one kid from driving drunk, the decision could be life saving. That one person made a difference in the world, and no one can explain it better then the people that explained it to me.”

What was the most moving part of the assembly?

“The most emotional part was when the police officer that started the program, talked about how his daughter was killed in a car crash. He cried. he never believed his daughter would die in the way she did. Also, when we were walking out, the parents who’s kids lives were cut short would stand behind a picture of the kid that they lost. And last, as we exited the building, there was a casket and big bag pipes played. it was like being at a funeral and it was very emotional.”