• Dr. Herpy

AP Art Students Display Their Work at Annual Fine Arts Showcase

By Hannah Kepreos

For the students in AP Art, the annual fine arts showcase is the culmination of their Kenston art careers.

The AP art students showcase their unique pieces — ranging from simple pencil blending drawings to detailed paintings — on a display that is decorated to reflect their personalities.

AP art student Alex Hubert’s main focus was “reveal” and included an outline of himself, a painted skateboard, and an interactive sketchbook in which spectators were able to draw.

“You choose a concentration and focus all of your pieces on said concentration. Using a medium of your choice, and materials, you showcase your personality into your artwork,” said Hubert.

Maya Scarpa, another AP art student, focused on the idea that people and objects can be a minority, regardless of race, and featured artwork that she labored over all semester.

“We work the whole semester creating artwork for our displays,” said Scarpa.

Besides the AP Art displays, the art show featured a variety of artwork from K-12 students as well as musical performances.

Mrs. Bibza, KHS Art teacher, said, “I think the art show is cool because not a lot of districts are able to display the development of the K-12 graders in one room.”

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