• Dr. Herpy

Meet Maddie Ostoyic

Recently I asked Maddie Ostoyic a few questions.

Grade: 10th
JV or Varsity: JV
Number: 13
Position(s): Centerfield and left field
Age you started playing: 8
Do you play softball other than during the school season (If yes then what teams)?
Do you think you’ll play softball in college?
Do you know what college you want to go to/are going to?
Somewhere in North Carolina
How do you get ready for a game?
I listen to music
Are you superstitious about anything when it comes to softball?(If so, what/why)
Are there any other sports or extracurricular activities that you do?
What’s your favorite drill? Least favorite?
Catching fly balls and least favorite is four square or running.
If you had a walk up song what would it be?
Till I Collapse by Eminem