• Dr. Herpy

Meet Samantha Stefancin

Recently I asked Samantha Stefancin few questions.

Grade: 9
JV or Varsity: Both
Number: 5 (jv) 10 (varsity)
Position(s): Shortstop, Pitcher, and Catcher
Age you started playing: 5
Do you play softball other than during the school season (If yes then what teams)?
Yes, Ohio Lady Rebels.
Do you think you’ll play softball in college?
I want to but I don’t know if it will actually happen.
How do you get ready for a game?
I get hyped up before games.
Are you superstitious about anything when it comes to softball? (If so, what/why)
Yes, never talk about a pitchers perfect game.
What is one of your favorite softball memories?
The Swinging in Solon tournament.
Are there any other sports or extracurricular activities that you do?
I’m a varsity cheerleader.
What’s your favorite drill? Least favorite?
Favorite: Middle infield drills
Least Favorite: Four square
If you had a walk up song what would it be?
Icon by Jaden Smith