• Dr. Herpy

Meet Hannah Fender

Recently I asked Hannah Fender a few questions.

Grade: 10
JV or Varsity: JV
Number: 8
Position(s): Left field, center field
Age you started playing: 7
Do you play softball other than during the school season (If yes then what teams)?
Yes, I play with a travel team (Lady Rebels) in the fall, winter, and summer.

Do you think you’ll play softball in college?
I don’t plan on playing in college.

Do you know what college you want to go to/are going to?
I don’t know yet where I want to go to college.

How do you get ready for a game?
I try to relax throughout the fay and I really try to keep my mind off the game until the last possible moment so that I don’t get too nervous. I always get really nervous anyway.

Are you superstitious about anything when it comes to softball? (If so, what/why)
I always need to make sure I’m wearing one of my batting gloves. Whether on the field or while I’m batting, I honestly feel completely lost without them and if I’m not wearing them I feel that I will have bad luck during the game.

What is one of your favorite softball memories?
I really enjoy going to all of the tournaments together over the summer. Especially this past summer, I had a lot of fun hanging out with the team. We even made a quote book for summer ball and made sure everyone on our team had a quote in it. I really enjoyed this past summer and having fun with my team.

Are there any other sports or extracurricular activities that you do?
I play soccer and also participate in band, CEC club, bomber bash committee, and speech and debate.

What’s your favorite drill? Least favorite?
Favorite: Catching pop flies and other outfield work.
Least favorite: Four square! It’s too stressful.

If you had a walk up song what would it be?
I don’t know what my walk up song would be… probably something by Panic! At the Disco.