• Dr. Herpy

Meet Julia Cumley

Recently I asked Julia Cumley a few questions.

Grade: 11
JV or Varsity: Varsity
Number: 27
Position(s): 1st base
Age you started playing?
Tee ball- but travel at 9
Do you play softball other than during the school season (If yes then what teams)?
Yes, summer, fall ball, and winter ball with the Kenston team

Do you think you’ll play softball in college?

Do you know what college you want to go to/are going to?
I want to go to Ohio University or Bowling Green

How do you get ready for a game?
Listen to pump up music

What is one of your favorite softball memories?
When me and Santina won a game against Twinsburg who always beat us & there coach made santina cry. 

Are there any other sports or extracurricular activities that you do?

What’s your favorite drill? Least favorite?
4 square 

If you had a walk up song what would it be?
Not Afraid- Eminem