• Dr. Herpy

Meet Madeline Scarvelli

Recently I asked Madi Scarvelli a few questions.

Grade: 10
JV or Varsity: JV
Number: 15
Position(s): Second base, outfield
Age you started playing: 7
Do you play softball other than during the school season (If yes then what teams)?
I do not/never have other than during the school season/summer ball.

Do you think you’ll play softball in college?
I would like to play softball in college.

Do you know what college you want to go to/are going to?
I’d like to go to John Carroll University.

How do you get ready for a game?
I have to get into this mindset where I get really pumped by listening to upbeat music, drinking lots of water, and making sure that I’m warmed up properly.

Are you superstitious about anything when it comes to softball? (If so, what/why)
Not really, I’m pretty comfortable with the sport.

What is one of your favorite softball memories?
My favorite memory was my first year playing with the Kenston team on U14. I made a lot of friends playing while also bonding through our mistakes during practices.

Are there any other sports or extracurricular activities that you do?
I participate in the School of Rock in Highland Heights. It is a music school where I sing, play bass, drums, guitar, and keys. I also enjoy playing soccer.

What’s your favorite drill? Least favorite?
Everybody hates four square, but I love it. It’s a lot of fun and I get an adrenaline rush while having to move fast to get rid of the ball. My least favorite would have to be river dancing while hitting off the tee. I get really tired after doing it for a while and it hurts my legs although I know it must be helpful.

If you had a walk up song what would it be?
My walk up song would be More Than You Know by Axwell / \ Ingrosso because it’s really fun and I like the guitar part a lot. I’ve just loved the song for a while.

Anything else you want to add:
I love my team, and I’m so glad that I tried out this year. I plan to try out again every year for the rest of high school. I actually have fun at practice while bettering myself.