• Dr. Herpy

What Really Goes on in a Kenston High School Football Practice

Football practices fluctuate depending on the day of the week. Some days you will have a heavy installation day which is going over what the other team runs or it’s when we put in new plays or go over old effective ones. Other days will be a regular practice. A regular practice consists of special teams period where there is kick off, PAT (field Goal), kick return, punt block, and quick kick, 2 full team periods, 7 on 7’s, Geauga County Kings period, then we will have one on ones. Then at the end of practice there are varsity team periods where they use the whole field and try to score on the defense for two periods. At the end of practice, depending on the day, we either do conditioning or we go down to the weight room and lift. There are days where we have shorter practices because we have a game the next day or there is an event going on after practice. Some days like on Monday will be longer because that is the one installation day we have each week. Luke Leygraaf said, “I think the way the football practices are set up are great.”