• Dr. Herpy

Would You Rather Videos

Would you rather have a bowl or burrito? Posted February 25, 2020

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck? Posted February 13, 2020

Would you rather eat raw meat or dead fish? Posted February 6, 2020

Would you rather eat a spoonful of butter or mayonnaise? Posted February 6, 2020

Would You Rather Eat a Spoonful of Bees or a Live Scorpion? Posted February 3, 2020

Would you rather do a back flip or a break dance? Posted January 31, 2020

Would You Rather Live in a Cave or a Tree House? Posted October 23, 2019

Would You Rather Win The Lottery or Live Twice as Long? Posted October 21, 2019

Would you rather eat poison ivy or bees? Posted October 4, 2019

Would you rather be rich and sad, or poor and happy? Posted September 13, 2019

Would you rather change your eye color or your hair color? Posted September 11, 2019

Would you rather have scales or fur? Posted September 5, 2019