• Dr. Herpy

Did You Know Horses Need Help Too?

You know about rescue dogs, cats, you name it; however, I bet you didn’t know that horses can be rescued too. One of the students here at Kenston High School, a sophomore Julia Sell, does just this. She saves horses in need. Julia started saving these horses two years ago when she was in eighth grade. She has rescued seven horses in the past two years. I asked Julia if this was a big commitment for her and she said, “Yes, I am at the barn almost everyday taking care of the horses and cleaning their stalls.” Some of the other things that she did when she was at the barn was talk to the vets when the horses needed help and when they had check ups. She gave them their medication everyday as well. Julia also gave them the right nutrition that they needed to become healthy again. Another thing that I asked her was if this is a dangerous job and she said that it is very dangerous and that some of the horses have very bad tempers and attitude problems. They also could have bit her or kicked her if they got mad. For my last question I ask Julia, “Has rescuing horses changed your life.” Her answer to this question was, “Yes it has changed my life in a very positive way; I couldn’t see my life without them, I love seeing how much better we can make their health, from how we take them in to how they are when they come out.”