• Dr. Herpy

Kenston Alumni Gives Back to the School

Coach DeJarnetteDerrick DeJarnette was a student here that graduated in 1994, but he never lost his love for Kenston. He is now an alumni coach for boys varsity basketball. Their high school, but what is now the middle school, held some of the best basketball players to come out of Kenston. I asked him if he had a chance to go back to and play ball one more time, would he change anything; He goes to say, “We had a great group of boys during my time. The guys that I played with were rough and tough and we were a close knit group. I would not change a thing.” He explains the tons of changes that have occurred. Such as the school itself. The high school that we know, was not up yet at this time. He states, “The school today has a bigger campus now. You can get lost on Kenston’s grounds if your not familiar with it.” He attended football games too, but without a field house, “I remember watching the football team have run to the locker room at half time.” Although some things have changed, Bomber passion is still the same. Mr. DeJarnette and his class tailgated before football games, just like we do now. The conference has changed too, back then, we were in the Chagrin Valley Conference. Today, we are in the  Western Reserve Conference. Fashion seems to have, for the most part, stayed the same throughout the years, “Lots of athletic shoes (Nike) and jogging pants.” I asked if he felt like he had an advantage being an alumni as a coach, he states, “Yes and No. Yes, because you know the area and most of the families that I grew up with are still here. No, because we still have rules and protocol. I have a job to do and we all like to win.” Being around other alumni families made it a comfortable setting. He ends with this, “It has been great coming back to coach at Kenston and an amazing experience coaching for my alma mater and giving back right in my own community.” We wish the boys basketball team good luck this season.