• Dr. Herpy

State Qualifier Gymnast Presley Gabram Gives Thoughts About Gymnastics and the Upcoming Season

Presley GabramDo you think that the team will be able to make it to districts this year?

Presley Gabram says that she thinks that the team will make it to districts this year. “Last year we were so close and now we know what it takes for us to qualify.” This coming year there will be many new freshman to the team, that will hopefully take the team as far as they can get.

What lessons has gymnastics taught you through the years?

Gymnastics has taught Presley many skills and one of them being when something like a goal is difficult to achieve you have to keep pushing through it and never give up. She said, “Determination and staying positive will help achieve it.”  Gymnastics relates to this because many gymnastics skills don’t come easy, this can become very frustrating. Presley said, “Keeping a positive attitude and a drive for the goal can help the feeling of wanting to give up.”

What is the best thing about being on the gymnastics team? 

Being on the gymnastics team you will meet many new girls that will support you through gymnastics and through your high school career. Presley said, “We all support each other and have such great friendships that build up our team.” It is a place where all are accepted, gymnastics takes lots of hard work but it all pays off when you achieve the goal that you wanted.