• Dr. Herpy

The Hub

Mr. Novak, Mrs. Beuttner, Mr. MalkusThe Hub has recently been improved, making many more resources available for the students. There are now three classes being taught in the Hub. Mr. Novak is teaching both Digital Design and Mass Media/Journalism, and Mr. Malkus is teaching Digital Design. The Hub now has updated, double screened computers allowing all three classes the chance to work on things like Adobe, Photoshop, editing pictures and videos. The Hub also provides wheeled tables and wheeled white boards making both easier to move from place to place. Connected to the Hub, in the old teacher work room, is now a room full of high end equipment available for all students. There is a 3D printer, mainly used by Mr. Malkus and his students, along with a laser cutter which allows you to engrave different designs into materials. For the Business classes there is a vinyl cutter which makes stickers and a t-shirt maker allowing the students to make their own instead of having to order them from a company. Also connected to The Hub, there is a recording room for Mr. Novak’s students to record their videos. Don’t forget there is always a printer available at anytime for students to print off their work and many interesting books waiting to be read. If you need a quiet place to relax or get your work done, The Hub is a very beneficial place and available to every student!