• Dr. Herpy

Bocce Club

Bocce BallsSpeaking with Mr. Segulin on the bocce club I learned a lot about what they do and that they do more than just play a little bocce after school. I learned that the club is more of a sport in the sense of them competing against other schools. I also learned that they usually have around 15 people every year and have had up to around 50 people in other years. Not too many people know how this works maybe only seeing it at family occasions. Bocce is played with usually red and green balls alongside a smaller ball which is your target. The goal is to get it closest to the ball between you and the other person you’re playing and usually ends when someone gets 12 points. Each point is achieved by getting your balls closer to the smaller ball than your opponents. If you have more than one closer than your opponents you can get more points.

About Mr. Segulin                                                                                          

He has been playing bocce for most of his life. He learned how to play bocce from his family playing whenever he was around them. Has been running the bocce club for about 15 years and has only taught bocce inside Kenston.

Bocce Club is played after school friday and are always looking for new players.

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