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Kenston Center Stage Overcoming Obstacles to be Ready for Opening Night

By Liv Moss | Bomber Media

Though Kenston Center Stage is facing some challenges with this year’s fall production, the show must go on.

The center stage team will be bringing the classic board game and movie Clue to the Kenston stage this fall, but the shorter deadline is a challenge for the actors and production crew alike.

Opening night is earlier than in the past because Kenston Center Stage will also be performing the musical Elf for the holidays.

In addition to the earlier performance, there are also renovations going on in the Robert A. Lee auditorium, making it hard to set the stage.

“We can still rehearse, but it’s hard to create the set,” said Mrs. Emily Leone, the fall play’s artistic director.

The auditorium is getting a new sound system this fall, and the renovations are keeping the auditorium closed off to everyone but Kenston Center Stage. The new sound system will be installed before the play’s opening night and will be used during Clue.

Kenston Center Stage chose Clue for this years play because it’s different from what they have done before. Clue is a murder mystery, but still a comedy, and music is used throughout the show to set the mood for the audience.

“It’s an ensemble cast that gives everyone the chance to be an integral part of the show,” said Mrs. Leone.

Many familiar faces have been cast this year to portray the diverse set of characters like junior Skylar Cinch as Yvette the maid, senior John Palmer as Wadsworth the butler, and junior Molly Cohen who plays three different roles.

The main party guests are played by sophomore Nathan Snyder as Prof. Plum, senior Keenan Garceau as Mrs. Peacock, sophomore Jackson Rosneck as Mr. Green, senior Laura Parsons as Miss Scarlet, senior Natalie Wasinski as Mrs. White, and senior Jack Kosiorek as Col. Mustard.

Performances are on Saturday, Oct. 12 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. and Sunday, Oct. 13 at 2 p.m.