• Dr. Herpy

The 1619 Project

Walking down the main hallway, you may have noticed the large 1619 sticker above the academic wing doors. After asking many fellow classmates if they knew the importance of that date, nobody could give me an answer. I set out to find my own answer both using online resources and talking to teachers.

Royal Museums Greenwich

The first slaves were introduced into what eventually became the British colonies in 1619. Approximately twenty slaves arrived in Jamestown, which eventually led to the growth and development of slavery throughout the British colonies in North America. I sat down with AP Government and Politics instructor Mrs. Smith to talk about this important date. 

“In our curriculum, we don’t teach much about slavery and how there are still forms of slavery that exist today like human trafficking.”

Mrs. Smith also believes that we must teach the horrible history of slavery so we can continue to learn from our past mistakes to build a better future. Mrs. Smith has become the leader on the “1619 Project” to raise awareness and teach people about the beginning and growth of slavery in North America.  

Photo Credit: Royal Museums Greenwich