• Dr. Herpy

The Bomber Baristas Are Back

By Morgan DiRocco

Special education teacher Mrs. Amanda Phipps and her students, along with the students involved in the Creating Exceptional Character (C.E.C) class, are once again serving coffee to staff on Friday mornings, with hopes of possibly expanding the service to students.

The CEC class opened the shop last year to help Mrs. Phipps’ students with learning money management, customer service and basic work skills.

“I think packing cream and sugar bags and selling the coffee really empowered our students to have a strong work ethic and strengthen their communication skills with our staff,” said junior Gillian Oakes.

The first delivery of this school year took place Friday, Sept. 13 and deliveries will continue on a weekly basis every Friday morning.

Mrs. Phipps has high hopes that this program will grow, and the class will be able to serve coffee alongside the Grab N’ Go mobile breakfast cart that is planned to start later this fall.

“The idea would be that we can set up a stand maybe once a week in the mornings and maybe sell to students as well,” said Phipps.

Currently, staff can purchase coffee or the option of green or black tea for the cost of $2.00 and have it delivered to them during block one.