• Dr. Herpy

Motorcyclist at KHS

Did you know under 10% of the United States population rides motorcycles. Well, Ms. Joyce, an english teacher here at Kenston High School is in that 10%. She has had her motorcycle license for almost 12 years. She decided to learn how to ride a motorcycle after she had been a passenger and thought that she should know how to correctly ride and drive for herself. Ms. Joyce says “riding a motorcycle has changed in the last 15 or so years, so riding is not as fun as I like it to be”. I asked her if she ever gets nervous when riding her motorcycle and she said, “I have to be aware of so much more nowadays because of cellphones and drivers. Furthermore, there are so many more people and cars on the road in the last decade which does not leave much room for motorcycles.  And yes, because of these distractions, I am more fearful for my life when I get on a motorcycle.” Most people find driving a car more practical because there is more space for their belongings. Ms. Joyce finds motorcycles less practical “because of the changes in traffic conditions and drivers’ lack of focus on the road.” I also asked Ms. Joyce if she drives a motorcycle more than her car and she said, “No… because of the increase in traffic and also because of weather conditions.” Things have definitely changed for motorcycle drivers due to new distractions which can make driving a motorcycle less fun and enjoyable.