• Dr. Herpy

Shining Star Award

When asking John what the shining star is he responded with, “Shining Star is a fundraiser for Montefiore that helps connect with Alzheimer’s patients through music.” I wanted to dive deeper into how to achieve this award and when I did so he told me, “Several rounds of tryouts and interviews landed me in the top ten among 200 students.” I wanted to know what song he sang to win this award. John sang Rocket Man by Elton John. This competition took place at The Ohio State theater at Playhouse Square. I wanted to know how much practice he did and he said, “I’ve easily played the song 300 times now and had to go to 4 hour rehearsals every day the week before the show.” I then went on to ask who was the biggest inspiration, like who helped him and was there and he told me, “My mother really was a huge help in pushing me even when I didn’t want to do it sometimes.” But now I’m sure she’s really proud of him. I wanted to know who or what motivated him to do this, this doesn’t come out of nowhere and he told me, “The biggest motivator was the opportunities to get more involved with the music community and build name recognition.” John is one of the very few who had an opportunity like this so any time you see him in the hallway tell him good job and or compliment him. It takes a lot of dedication and skill to do something as big as this. Good job John!