• Dr. Herpy

The Daily Life of a Student

Many of us students have a life outside of this school. Some of us are in sports, some of us are studying hard, and some of us could be doing many other things. I myself am no different. Naturally after school we either go home or to sports or some other form of extracurricular activity. Sometimes, after school I go to the radio station to run it, which is a part of my Marketing class, otherwise I just head home and do my homework. On a typical week day, I go to school, get through the classes, then go home. At home, I get my homework done and then just do what ever to keep myself occupied. The things I like doing at home comprise of sleeping, playing video games, eating, driving, and sometimes cleaning. On the weekends, I generally just stay at home and play video games until I get bored and then take a nap for a while. Now on the weekends, I’m a wildfire and a half. On the weekends I could be doing a lot of things, These things can be comprised of playing video games, going out with friends, going out with the family, eating top quality food, listening to music, and maybe even creating music of my own. I usually spend my time at home, but on the occasional I tend to go out to eat at any restaurant that comes to mind or just settle down in downtown Chagrin. It may seem that I don’t do anything that is considered productive, but to everyone’s surprise I actually do at least something that’s productive. You can pretty much guarantee that you’ll see me doing something with my time. Going out into the public is one of my favorite things to do with my time, so you’ll more then likely see me out in the open.