• Dr. Herpy

Cafeteria to Offer New Lunch Options and Breakfast

By Garrett Koenig

After surveying a majority of the student body last school year, Director of Nutrition Services Mr. Andrew Mendez, says that he has a better idea of what the students really want for lunch.

“Most of the responses we got were about having higher quality food and a larger variety of options,” said Mr. Mendez.

Mendez is looking to bring menu items that are popular outside of the school, such as the ramen bar, to the student body.

“I have been looking at different restaurants and schools around the country to see what is trending and what the students might enjoy,” said Mendez.

Most of the responses also requested some kind of breakfast, with almost 80 percent of the responses asking for breakfast options to be offered before school.

Mendez is looking to start with a grab and go style of breakfast just to introduce the idea. He is hoping to eventually make a consistent breakfast menu of solid food choices.

“I would just like to get students something that they can get easily so that they have something in their system before lunch,” said Mendez.

With high hopes and big plans for the future, Mendez is excited to see what students have to say.