• Dr. Herpy

Kenston students make a showing at the climate strike

Kenston Students at Protest in ClevelandBy Dennis Princic

Kenston students, along with other people from all over the world, participated in protests to advocate for a response to global warming last Friday.

Held by Youth Climate Strike, the protest in Public Square in Cleveland attracted dozens of people missing out on school or work to rally with several speakers.

The Youth Climate Strike is a nationwide organization that has organized similar protests and events in almost every state.

They, together with different schools and organizations, have different events planned for the coming weeks.

The guest speakers included activists of all ages, and some promoted certain beliefs. In addition to those who shouted and rallied behind the podium, people pushed for ideas like the Green New Deal, veganism, and boycotting certain businesses.

Among the students that spoke, Kenston senior Laura Parsons stirred the audience with her speech. Representing a school, as well as a generation, Parsons passionately called for response to increased pollution and climate change.

“It’s going to continue to get worse and worse unless government and business start to actively work against climate change,” said Parsons.

At Kenston High School, discussion about attending the protest started at the beginning of the week on students’ social media. The event caught the attention of many who shared a similar opinion as Parsons.

On the days before, many Kenston students made posters and shirts that included slogans like, “If you did your job, we’d be in school,” and “Action Now!”

In addition to other rallies and events in the coming weeks, there is also an upcoming Color Run fundraiser for the cause, so students who are concerned about this issue will have other chances to remain involved in similar activism.