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Kenston’s Nick Astalos is Player of the Year 2012

Kenston’s Nick Astalos is Player of the Year in Chagrin Valley Conference Chagrin Division

The Hawken School and Beachwood boys soccer teams received many honors from the Chagrin Valley Conference as well they should.

The Hawks won the Chagrin Division and advanced to the Division III state title match before losing. The Bison won the Valley Division.

Hawken’s Dani Giulvezan was named Coach of the Year of the Chagrin Division with Kenston’s Nick Astalos winning MVP.

In the Valley Division, Brock Hersch of Beachwood was named MVP and Bison Brian Greene was named Coach of the Year.

In the Chagrin Division, the Hawks had two first team selections in seniors Jacob Naft and Zack Whiting. However, Chagrin Falls actually topped that number with three first team selections in seniors Johnny Ciabotti, Quinn Malone and Joey McSherry.

Kenston and West Geauga also had two first team players. Senior John Pretzlay joined Astalos on the first team for the Bombers while the Wolverines had seniors Abe Akucewich and Tyler Duprey.

Orange had Jacob Kirsh, a senior, also make first team. On the second team, the Lions had three players in senior Jake Singer, junior Blake Malcolm and sophomore Max Rothstein.

Hawken had two more players honored as second team in seniors Brian Drockton and Peter Labes. West G also had two players in junior Alex Krause and sophomore Jake Clark.

Matt Simon, a senior, from Chagrin Falls also made second team.

Honorable mention picks from the Tigers are seniors Jackson Nafziger and Rory Gilbert while the Hawks had Patrick Conners, a sophomore, and Cory Roth, a senior.

Kenston seniors Vinny Bellar and Owen Norley also made honorable mention as did Orange juniors Christopher Tomsic and David Lardakis.

West G’s Anton Medancic, a senior, and Josh Ebersbacher, a junior, also made honorable mention.

Beachwood was the only team in the Valley Division to have three first team selections in Hersch, junior Dean Granot and senior Chris Amaddio. The Bison also had two second team picks in senior Dillon Krantz and sophomore Michael Dreka. Making honorable mention for Beachwood was freshman Bogatur Askaryan and senior Julian Caputo.