• Dr. Herpy

Start of the Swim Season

Katie Obringer The swim season for Kenston has officially begun! The first practice was held last Monday night, November 5th, at Wembley pool. There were many returning swimmers, as well as some new freshman and a few upperclassmen. The team handed in their forms and then started a few stretches led by head coach Kurt Eschmann. After that, we jumped into the pool and started swimming.

The upcoming season should be a good one for the swim team. We have a lot of good swimmers who work hard every time they enter the pool. The whole team is kept in shape with 2 hour practices every week day and early morning practices on Saturdays. Not to mention the swim clinics held on Sunday nights!

“Even though 2 hour practices, at the time, seem exhausting, I know that in the end it will all be worth it! I plan on working my hardest this year and I am striving for States,” said junior Kelsey Verderber.