• Dr. Herpy

Swimmers’ Loss

Last Thursday the Kenston High School swim team met for their annual meeting. Lots of returning swimmers were present, plus a couple of new faces. We discussed lots of issues, including apparel for the year, team captains, and fundraising. Everything was going normal until head coach, Kurt Eschmann, announced some big news.

After being assistant coach for the 2005-2006 season and head coach for the 2006-2007 season, Kurt declared he could no longer be the leader of the team. But the decision wasn’t as easy as it may seem. He was given a new job that takes up most of his time during the day, and had to decide what was better for him.

“Sometimes in life you have to make big decisions. This was one of them. And sometimes the best choice isn’t necessarily the most popular,” said Kurt. He also mentioned to the team that he will be attending as many meets and practices as possible, which proves that although we have lost a head coach, we certainly have not lost a fan.