• Dr. Herpy

Interviewing a 4.0 student!

11th grader Emma Koenig is a 4.0 student. Interviewing a 4.0 student can be good advise for the students that are trying to reach their goal of being a 4.0 student.

What’s your biggest piece of advice you’d give to someone trying to get straight A’s?
“Spend most your time at night studying through your homework so you can really understand the lesson.”

Have you always been a straight A student? if not, what did you do to reach the point you are at now?
” I stopped half doing my homework and made sure I had it all turned in. I also went to a tutor for a little while to understand the material i was learning more.”

What effects your grades the most, test scores or homework completion?
“Test scores”

What do you do to get your test scores up?
“I start studying the second a teacher tells me there is a test coming up.”

How long do you spend on your homework each night?
“It depends on how much homework I have assigned, but usually about 1 to 2 hours – 3 the night before a test.”

What’s one thing you think can throw someone off when it comes to having a 4.0?

What do you do on your free time when you are not focused on school?
“I like to help my mom cook and hang out with my boyfriend and friends.”

Do you have a balance of your social life compared to your school life?
“Not really. I kind of just go with the flow.”

Do you think having a balance on the things you do effect the outcome of your work ethic?