• Dr. Herpy

Interview with Carter Kluesner

Q#1: What is your favorite car?
Ford Raptor.

Q#2: What kind of music do you like to listen too and name one song.
Classic Rock. “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

Q#3: How is your freshman year going so far?
It is going good.

Q#4: What first comes to mind when you hear the words Web Design?
The creation of websites as well as creations on Photoshop.

Q#5: What superpower would you like to have?
To see what happened in the past.

Q#6: Do you have any pets? If you do, how many?
I have a dog and fish, 1 Dog and about 4 fish.

Q#7: Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what is it?
I like random facts as well as science.

Q#8: What is your favorite place to eat?
Cowboys, is a good place to eat at.

Q#9: What is your favorite sport?
Basketball is my favorite sport.

Q#10: Are you thinking about going to college? If so, what college?
Yes, probably somewhere around Wyoming or somewhere around there.