• Dr. Herpy

What do Teachers Think About Homecoming Week?

It‘s Homecoming Week! The week before Homecoming can be the best and most stressful week of the school year. Whether or not you have a date, but how do teachers feel about this week? Have you ever thought about that, do you think they have the same feelings you do? In order to find out I went around and asked teachers how they felt about it. From the Math department I asked Mrs. Garrett she said, “I enjoy watching the alumni students and former staff members returned to the Kenston Bainbridge area and touching base with them.” Mrs. Garrett enjoys this week every year because she enjoys watching the students connect with the teachers. In the Science department, Mr. Intelisano said,  “I think it’s great and I like to see the kids get excited about their school and show their school spirit.” Mr. Intelisano enjoys this week because the students get excited about coming to school vs. seeing it as a burden. From the English department I asked, Ms. B. Joyce. She said, “I like the spirit days and I think students and staff can show off their personalities with their choice of costumes and it lifts the energy in the building.” Ms. B. Joyce likes this week because it’s a way for the students and staff to truly express their personalities and connect. Last of all I asked Mr. Thompson about this week. He said, “I think it adds to the school spirit and lightens up the energy of the school body. I think it strengthens the bonds between the students and teachers.” Mr. Thompson enjoys this week because it strengthens the bonds between students and teachers. The teachers and staff at school enjoy this week because of the students and the spirit it brings into their classes.