• Dr. Herpy

Interview with George Sell

I interviewed senior football player George Sell. George is the left tackle for the Bombers, but next year he is committing to Wake Forest where he is going to play football. I asked him about his decision and his future at Wake Forest. 

LL: What were all the schools that gave you offers?
GS: Wake Forest, Ball State, Boston College, BGSU, Cincinnati, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Eastern Michigan, Michigan, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Iowa St, Kent St, Louisville, Michigan St, Ohio University, Toledo, Tulane, Vanderbilt, Western Michigan, Wyoming, Purdue, Rutgers and Akron. 

LL: Why did you choose Wake Forest over your other offers?
GS: Wake Forest was the best option because it wasn’t a big school, numbers wise, and it has a good coaching staff, great academics, and there will be good competition in the ACC. 

LL: Did it take long to choose Wake Forest?
GS: Some time but I knew I had a special place at Wake Forest. I have no regret about my decision.

LL: What about college football are you looking forward to the most?
GS: Being able to make friends and going there for free to get an education, and a chance to go to the NFL.

LL: What are you not looking forward to?
GS: Nothing. 

LL: Are you excited to be there with Jack Porter?
GS: Yeah, I’m actually really excited. I want to room with him so we’ll have each other.

LL: Do you plan on going pro?
GS: Yes, but I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket.

LL: What are you majoring in?
GS: Engineering or something to do with business financing. 

LL: Would you want to be red shirted*?
GS: Yeah, I want to be more prepared.

LL: Are you nervous about all the attention that Div.1 schools get from fans and the media?
GS: I am not really worried about that. 

LL: When do you start?
GS: I can enroll early for the spring semester and get more training and leave in January

LL: Are you taking this football season more seriously knowing that your going to the next level?
GS: Yes I am going to hit it hard (lifting) after this season.

*If your red shirted you take a year off from playing and just train, then you come back next year as a freshman