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Homecoming Parade Showers Spectators with Candy, Not Rain

By Liv Moss | Bomber Media

Even though the forecast called for thunderstorms, there was only a slight drizzle during the annual homecoming parade on Thursday evening, and instead of getting stuck in a thunderstorm, spectators were stuck in a storm of candy.

Because of the weather and the strong winds, some groups’ floats had trouble staying together. The sophomore float needed repairs minutes before the parade was scheduled to begin.

“The frame collapsed, so now we need to improvise and try our best,” said sophomore Ryan Peters moments before the parade started.

The theme student council chose this year was Arabian Nights showing a different setting from last year’s theme, Emerald City.

Many groups of all ages joined in to design floats for the parade keeping with the Arabian Nights theme by playing music, making posters, and even dressing up for the event.

“So the theme is Arabian Nights, so it’s kind of limited, so we decided like most of the groups to go with an “Aladdin” themed float,” said senior Logan Vargo.

Many people dressed as characters from “Aladdin” for their float like Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar, and the genie.

Many groups of all ages marched in the parade like the fall sports teams, the Bomber Bash lead crew, the girl scouts, and many more.

The homecoming court also made an appearance in the parade. This year’s homecoming court was freshmen Cayla DiBernardo and Daniel Eibler, sophomores Carmen Agresta and Emersyn Wolfe, juniors Micayla Paglia and Malcom Linder, and seniors Carleigh Dunnam, Emma Magyarics, Elyse Myles, Julia Piazza, McKenna Sawyer, William Burr, Garrett Koenig, Joshua Masters, Johnathon Porter, and Harris Skaramagas.

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