• Dr. Herpy

About the Cleveland Cavaliers

The NBA season is approaching fast as the regular season starts on October 22, and team training camp and preseason is underway. The Cavaliers just like every other team in the league are trying to get ready to compete for a championship. The Cavaliers going into the season are ranked 29 according to NBC Sports. Many Cavalier fans are excited to see rookies play for the first time such as Darius Garland, Dylan Windler, and Kevin Porter Jr. Fans are also excited to see returning stars such as Collin Sexton and Kevin Love. The team also has a new head coach, Coach John Beilein, this is Beilein’s first year coaching in the NBA. Beilein’s background is coaching for the Michigan Wolverines. Beilein had loads of success at Michigan such as being NCAA Regional champions twice, Big Ten Tournament champions twice, and many others. Many fans and analysts are keeping a close eye on Beilein to see how his coaching style translates to the NBA and how the Cavaliers will fair in the 2019-2020 season. Kenston student and basketball enthusiast Jameson Parker said,” I’m very excited to see how the new-look Cavs will play this upcoming season.”