• Dr. Herpy

Why We Should Recycle

As many probably know, recycling is good for the environment, it conserves resources, saves energy, helps protect the environment, and reduces landfill.

If we just throw everything away, then eventually we will run out of room in landfills. This has become a major environmental issue. One of the problems with landfills is the groundwater. Studies show that near landfills, the groundwater contains more lead and chromium. This is very harmful to the human body and can damage airways, kidneys, and possibly cause brain damage. There are many ways that we can help reduce the amount of landfill and toxins.

One way to reduce the amount of landfill, is by recycling different kinds of paper such as printer paper, magazines, cardboard, cereal boxes, and milk cartons. Some statistics from the United States Environmental Protection Agency show that recycling one ton of paper can save about seventeen thousand gallons of water along with seventeen trees. Recycling paper can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and free landfill space for other materials that can’t be recycled. Recycling paper is an easy way to majorly help the environment.

Recycling saves energy. An example of how energy is saved is when companies receive recycled aluminum. Less time is taken to manufacture things because it is not a raw material. It can be used to build automobile parts and it can be recycled over and over again. Some items that you can recycle in the aluminum category are cans, foil, and some bakeware. Recycling these products can also majorly help the environment.

Lastly, plastic is starting to fill the oceans and landfills.This is very harmful to the animals, plants, and the environment as a whole. According to John Papiewski in his article about recycling plastic, because of how durable plastic is, it does not decompose quickly, leading to clogging of landfills and dumping into the oceans. Recycling plastics encourages new economic opportunities and encourages businesses to create more innovative products.

A place you can recycle in Bainbridge is Settlers Park, there you can recycle metals, aluminum, plastics, paper, and cardboard (but no glass). Ensure that the items are placed in the proper recycling bins. It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of our planet and doing a little recycling every week can add up for our future. Nick Grunwald said, “this planet treats us good, so why can’t we treat it the same way?”