• Dr. Herpy

Balancing Work Life with School Life

Everyone loves making money. From working at sweat shops to owning a Fortune 500 company, we all strive to achieve the amount that makes us happy. Most high students would love to make money and have a job, but for some people it is hard to balance school life with work life. Many high school students have 10-15 hour a week jobs during the school year, some leave for sports or just because they need more time focusing on school. Many students have summer jobs and rack up that cash to spend for the month or week.

Senior Jay Ohlsen said, “It is important to maintain a steady job because it helps for the future when looking for that one job you’ve always wanted. But also, school also decides your future. It is imperative to do good in school and in work.”

School is more important than work, don’t get me wrong, but it is important to have a good work ethic which will eventually lead to landing a nice steady paying job for the future.