• Dr. Herpy

Girls Soccer, Road to the Finals

Here at KHS, we are having an extraordinary girl soccer season. Two of the girls have broken the record for number of goals in a season and they aren’t done yet. Sophomore, Skylar Cornell is in the lead with 25 goals followed by senior Elyse Myles with 20. These two girls are also featured on The-News Herald “Girls soccer area scoring leaders for Oct. 8” of Northeast Ohio. As WRC Champions they are preparing to push through and win states. After my interview with Mr. Ray, the girls junior varsity coach he said, “Chagrin Falls may be the girls toughest game coming up.” I asked him if the preparation for that game will be different than any regular season game and he said, “For sure because there is no time for error going into playoffs.” He is very proud of what the team has achieved and is looking forward to what they will accomplish in the next few weeks. We wish the girls good luck as they continue on their road to the finals.