• Dr. Herpy

Lacrosse sign ups

Lacrosse season is just around the corner and the team needs you to sign up.  Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet and requires skill and hand eye coordination.  Even if you have never played before you can come out and have a great time. Lacrosse, or the creators game, has been around for hundreds of years starting with the Native Americans.  It has evolved so much over the years but the game is still the same. The practices may not start for a little while but right now the lacrosse team is in the weight room getting ready for the season.  Being a part of the lacrosse team is like no other. There is no brotherhood stronger than the lacrosse team. Once your a part of the team they will have your back no matter what through thick and thin.  Joe Benjamin said, “I have never been a part of a team that’s closer than the lacrosse team, we are a family.” So sign up for the Kenston Lacrosse team today.