• Dr. Herpy

Road to States, Boys Cross Country

This past weekend the Kenston Boys Cross Country team had received a perfect score at WRC. A perfect score consists of five boys from one team placing one through five. Nate Barnes, the news reporter for News-Herald Ohio tweeted saying, “So, for the first time since I’ve covered cross country, a team scores a 15–the lowest possible score.” Achieving a perfect score is super rare and unusual. But this is just the beginning for the boys Kenston Cross Country team, they have big dreams of becoming Kenston’s first division one cross country boys’ state champions. Throughout the season David Rosinski has taken on the role as the boys’ leader and motivator. After interviewing David and Dennis, and asking a few questions, I was able to get the inside scoop on how the team functions. They prepare themselves and their teammates for meets by going to pasta dinners the night before, knowing the course, hydrating and getting a lot of rest/sleep the night before. Dennis said that his goal for the end of his season, ”is to break 16 minutes and be top 15 in the state“  During this competitive and successful season David says that “My post high school plans are my biggest motivator, which include being on a scholarship to a divison 1 school for running, I know I have to work very hard to get where I want to be.” Lastly David said, “It’s awesome to be leading all these guys through such an amazing season, I feel I wanted to accomplish something from the start of the season and they followed. Now I’d say that I don’t really have to lead anymore, we all put in the work and we all have one goal in common, state champions,“ about being the leader of a successful boys cross country team. Wish the boys luck as they compete in their first postseason meet this weekend at Madison for districts.