• Dr. Herpy

What It’s like to be on the Field on A Friday Night Football Game

Being on the field on a Friday night is amazing. The energy at home games are ridiculous with the crowd screaming behind you and the whole sideline getting hyped up. The chants are awesome and seeing the plays develop right in front of you is crazy. The all around rush and feeling of being on a football field on a Friday is great. To turn around and look at the student section and see them going wild is one of the best things I have ever seen. Also getting to be a part of the celebrating on the sideline is one of the best feelings. Flying out of the tunnel at the beginning of the game is so fun and hearing the crowd go crazy and the music playing is awesome. The overall feeling of being on the field is great and one of the best experiences you will have. “After the first play of the game all the stress goes away and it is just fun to play,” said Frank Dimarco.