• Dr. Herpy

How Social Media Effects School Work Ethic

Using social media effects a lot of different things in peoples lifes but when it comes to school its way easier to procrastinate with social media. Students often get caught up on Instagram, snap chat, twitter, tik tok, ect. rather than doing something more important like studying for a test or doing homework. Often some students will be on social media from the time they get home from school until late night when they decide to start doing their homework when they are all tired and not clear minded. Studying or working late at night decreases the amount of mental growth because your mind isn’t completely focused on what your doing. If you are tired, it effects how much work you get done and how you get the work done. Studies have shown that the students who like to stay off social media during the school school week tend to have better grades than students who like to be on social media during the school week. It’s okay to go on social media but students work ethic would increase way more if students found a nice healthy balance on the amount of time they spend studying compared to the amount they’re on social media. Dean Messner said, “I start my homework at 10:30 every night and it interferes with my worth ethic a lot.”