• Dr. Herpy

Interviewing a Good Test Taker With Gabriela Loconti

Q#1 What is your favorite subject?
A. English II

Q#2 What is the most efficient way to prepare for a test in your opinion?
A. Go to all my notes from the current chapter and review them.

Q#3 Do you participate in any sports?
A. I take dance.

Q#4 How do you balance school work with an athletic schedule?
A.  As soon as i get in the house from dance i get right to homework and studying.

Q#5 Are you thinking of any collages? If so where?
A. Bolder Colorado University.

Q#6 Whats the main thing you would tell people that aren’t good test takers?
A. you can use tools around you such as a tutor or extra help after school.

Q#7 wheres the best place to study and focus?
A. The best place for me to focus and study is in my living room with the fire place on.

Q#8 Is there any reason why your such a good test taker? If so what is it?
A.It came with a lot of hard work and dedication to my school work to get where I am.