• Dr. Herpy

Skylar Cornell on loss to Aurora in District Semifinals

The Bombers faced a tough loss against Aurora in the District Semifinals. The final score was 2-1. After the game I interviewed Skylar Cornell who finished the game with an assist. Skylar is a sophomore at Kenston High School. When asked, “How does it feel to be upset by Aurora in the district semis?” Skylar responded with, “It was a disappointing loss but we had a good season and I can’t wait to play again next year.” Then when asked, “What will you do to prepare for next year stronger?” She responded with, “Were going to make sure that we don’t let the good teams get to our head and we just play how we always do.” When asked, “If you could change one thing going into the game, what would it be and why?” She responded with, “We should’ve started out stronger and not let them score two early goals.” Then I asked, “Will this game fuel you when you play Aurora next year?” Skylar courageously responded with, “Yes, we can definitely beat Aurora.” Skylar plays for Internationals soccer club in the off season.