• Dr. Herpy

Daylight Savings Time

This upcoming weekend on November 3rd, Daylight Saving Time ends. That means we will all set back our clocks one hour. We get an extra hour of sleep. David Clossin said, “Yes, I do look forward to it (Daylight Savings Time ending) because I get an extra hour of sleep.” But many people don’t know the origin of Daylight Saving Time. Daylight Savings Time began in Germany in 1916 to conserve energy during WWI. The U.S. didn’t put Daylight Saving Time laws into effect until 1918. Most people liked it, Baseball fans were dependent on natural light so they loved it because with later days more people could make it to the games. But some people didn’t like it. For example farmers didn’t like it. They said it took away their time to get their goods to the marketplace. Daylight Saving Time is the same in all the states except Arizona, who got rid of it completely. So this weekend make sure you set your clocks back an hour and get your extra hour of sleep.