• Dr. Herpy

What Is Inktober?

Inktober is an activity where people around the world do one drawing a day based on a prompt list provided by the creator. The creator, Jake Parker, said on his website “I created Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year”. In the past, the requirements were just a pen and paper, but it has grown into Marktober, meaning a mark of anything on a piece of paper. People around the world are participating; some even post their artwork and use the tag #Inktober to show it. The Kenston High School AP art students are doing Inktober and will be featured in a showcase at the Cleveland Institute of Art in November to show off their art. A few of the pieces shown below are by Mrs. Bibza, Macey Chamberlin, and Kayla Eastman.