• Dr. Herpy

Daylight Savings

Daylight savings happened on Sunday and seemed to throw a lot of people off with the bright mornings and now getting dark at 6. The origin of daylight savings actually started as an energy conservation trick during World War I and became a national standard in the 1960s. The main reason we do this is to use the most sunlight during our most productive hours where someone is most likely to be outside. With the reduction of sunlight in the Winter this becomes really helpful to many people in the US as long as you don’t forget to cahnge you’re clocks!

What do students thing about daylight savings?
“I like daylight savings because I like the extra hour of sleep and I also like celebrating it with my freinds,” said Jay Ohlsen.

“On the bright side we get more sunlight in the morning,” said Jakobie.

“I don’t like daylight savings because I’m scared of the dark,” said Bill Pollack.