• Dr. Herpy

Cleveland Gladiators

It is that time again for the Cleveland Gladiators, an indoor football team located in Cleveland Ohio. The Gladiators usually play at the Quicken Loans Arena or now the brand new Rocket Mortgage Field House but they had a two season suspension due to the construction of the arena. In 2017, they had an overall record of 5-9 and finished 18th overall in the Arena Football League. Indoor football is a very competitive sport because the field is smaller which does not give each team a lot of room to run the ball. The team hopes to resume their playing career in 2020 after the new field house has been completely finished. Lucian Benz, a local fan of the Cleveland Gladiators, stated, “It is sad that they had to take a two season break but it is a good time to rest and get ready for the 2020 season.” He has been a fan of the Gladiators for years and hopes to be in the future.