• Dr. Herpy

Kenston Spirit Bus

Support your team as they go on to the Regional Quarter Final. Friday is your one opportunity to ride the epic spirit bus. You will be with your friends and colleagues. Today is your last opportunity to get FREE tickets into the game. It’s a deal of a lifetime.You don’t have to drive two hours away and you also get free pre-game pizza as well. What could better? You are saving gas as well as you are in safe hands with the Kenston bus drivers. 

If you want to take this deal then you can sign up in the cafeteria during all lunch blocks. At 4:30 on the dot the buses will be leaving Kenston to go to New Philadelphia. If you choose not to go on the spirit bus, then the tickets will cost you $8. You can purchase them from the KHS Main Office. Have fun and be safe. Ty said “I’m excited to go root on our team!”