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New Parent Advisors Helping Bomber Bash Crew Prepare

Mrs. Erin DiRocco and Mrs. Marcy GurdBy Liv Moss | Bomber Media

A lot of planning and preparation goes into setting up and holding the Bomber Bash every year, and this year it’s up to two new parent advisors to help ensure the event is a success.

This year the Bomber Bash crew is welcoming Mrs. Erin DiRocco and Mrs. Marcy Gurd as the new parent advisors. This is the first time they are going to be a part of the Bomber Bash and both are excited to do their part.

“We’re both new to Bomber Bash this year so it’s been an eye opener as far as how much work and planning goes into Bomber Bash. Lots of behind the scenes hours and preparation, but it’s also been wonderful,” said Mrs. Erin DiRocco.

Even though the Bomber Bash hasn’t taken place yet, the lead crew is still excited to do their part to help A Kid Again, a charity that helps the families of children with life-threatening conditions.

Though the event is not until later this month, a few of the lead crew members along with Mrs. DiRocco recently went to help with A Kid Again’s trip to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

“It’s so worth the time to be able to give back to a wonderful charity,” said Mrs. DiRocco.

Most families with children with health issues spend a lot of their time between doctors appointments, therapy appointments, and then their own work schedule on top of that. A Kid Again allows these families to go out and have fun for a day without worrying about planning everything themselves.

The Bomber Bash will be from Nov. 23-24 from 6.p.m to 6.a.m in the Kenston High School gymnasium.